Wednesday, December 17

Homework for Wednesday, December 17th and Parent Notes for Week 16 (Monday, December 15 – Friday, December 19, 2014)

Student Homework:

1. Read for 15 minutes
2. Math for 5 minutes
3. Study for 5 minutes (see blog!)
4. Noon Dismissal on Friday!!!

Parent Homework:                                                                                                           
1. Read – For fifteen minutes, read with your child. You may choose to read Fiction on Mondays/Thursdays; Non-Fiction on Tuesdays/Fridays; and books about the faith on Wednesdays. Another optional activity is Book Logs (print off as many as you’d like – see the bottom of this blog!) If your child has not mastered his/her Pseudo Word sight words, please continue to do Sight Words particularly the “Words to Practice”, but refreshers on “Words I Know” are also extremely beneficial).
2.  Math – For five minutes help your child practice Math Facts (with flash cards, with online computer games or printed off worksheets like those from, and/or orally) and other math skills noted below.
3.  Study – For five minutes help your child study for his/her Spelling Test, Star Day Poem, etc.
4.  Finish other HW – Check your child’s red Homework Folder and backpack for a math drill or a Phonics and/or Jump Math WB – if they are there, help your child complete the page that is next to the last clipped page; help your child correct his/her Math Drill – they know the routine; help your child finish his/her daily Prayer/Writing Journal and/or his/her science/socials/French/Health, etc. Duo Tang classwork. I will write a note in your child’s planner if there is such work to complete and I will include details as to which page number.
Parent Notes for Week 16 (Monday, December 15 – Friday, December 19, 2014)
Upcoming Dates to Remember:
-Tuesday, December 16th (and every Tuesday) from 2:15-2:45pm we will gather in the church to pray quietly for the children and meditate on the upcoming Sunday’s readings for Mass. Also on Tuesday at 1:00 and 7:00pm Christmas Concert - Mrs. Mar has requested that the children in Grade Two wear black bottoms with a white dress shirt. They are to look like conductors on a train and she would absolutely love it if they had train conductor hats on them!
-Wednesday, December 17th PJ Day
-Friday, December 19th Noon Dismissal (Christmas Break begins!)
-Thursday, January 8th (and every other Thursday) from 9:00-9:30am we will be discussing the book Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly 
-Monday, January 12th (and every other Monday) from 3:15-3:45pm, we will be discussing the book Interior Freedom by Father Jacque Phillipe
-Thursday, January 15th (and every other Thursday) from 9-9:30am, we will gather in my classroom for a presentation on and opportunity to ask questions about what the children have been learning about in religion
Important Notes:
1.      Assessment – I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before! I will post the assessment I intend to assess your child with so that you can help practice with them the content (and even the format!) at home! You are welcome to even go through the whole assessment written at home (although I obviously will make the “re-write” it at school too so that I can see what he/she knows without any help. Anyway, if you have the time and interest, I’d love for you to go over the assessment that I copied and pasted below and then when your child sees it in school it will be more familiar. All of the content in it is material we have spent much time on so hopefully it is somewhat familiar to your child. I will also copy and paste the more general “assessment questions” for term two and I will keep adding as I teach the material over the course of the term. Please go over this material with your child during the 5 minute study block of homework time. 
2.     Gift Cards – Please consider purchasing Gift Cards through CCS! It is amazing the money that can be earned for our school through this program and at ZERO cost to you! All you need to do is purchase the card when you attend Mass on Sunday. So…… get all your Christmas shopping with CCS gift cards available for all your favourite shopping destinations!!! I love pizza and winning!!!
3.     Our Adopted Family – While on the topic of gift giving, please help your child be involved in bringing joy to another family this Christmas through the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Each class has a different family to fill a hamper for! Our family has two adults and three children (two girls, ages 13 and 5 and one boy, age 10). Please encourage your child to be involved by using their own money and “earning the donation” by doing an extra chore. It also would be nice if your child could join you in shopping for this item so that it is even more meaningful a gift. The items can be non-perishable food, gift cards to grocery stores, gifts for the family members, or even monetary contributions to buy gift cards. And remember… GET ALL YOUR GIFT CARDS THROUGH CCS!!! Thank you SO much! These items are due by Wednesday, December 17th.
4.     Curriculum Notes:
a.     Spelling Words for this week: cow, down, found, house, how, mouse, now, out, town, about. Challenge words: holiday, presents, gingerbread, blizzard, Saviour. Advanced Spelling List (by invitation) – happen, pretty, letter, rabbit, hurry, million, balloon, ladder, puddle, hammer, lesson.
b.     Phonics Pages Plan: 115-126
c.     Jump Math Plan: 93-102
d.     Prayer Journal Plan:
                                                  i.    Monday – The Eucharist is the best part of being Catholic. No other religion has this great gift. Eucharist comes from a Greek word that means thanksgiving. We are filled with gratitude to God for giving us Himself.
                                                 ii.    Tuesday – The Eucharist looks like a cracker but it is really Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. We also call the Eucharist Holy Communion, the Blessed Sacrament, and the Host. The Eucharist is our food for the journey to Heaven.
                                                iii.    Wednesday – The best part of Mass is receiving Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist. Because this is so important some people call the whole Mass the Eucharist. Jesus loves to give Himself to us even more than we love to receive Him.
                                                iv.    Thursday – There are five parts to the Mass. The five parts are 1) the Introductory Rites, 2) the Liturgy of the Word, 3) The Liturgy of the Eucharist, 4) The Communion Rite, and 5) the Concluding Rites. The Communion Rite is the part of the Mass when we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus.
                                                 v.    Friday – Short Day – no prayer journal
e.     Writing Journal Plan:
                                                  i.    Monday – Let me tell you about how sports will be played in the future…
                                                 ii.    Tuesday – I have a job. It is to deliver newspapers each morning. Let me tell you about it…
                                                iii.    Wednesday – One time I was frightened by a scary mask…
                                                iv.    Thursday – One time I had an accident. This is what happened…
                                                 v.    Friday – Short Day – no writing journal
Name:__________________ Number:_____ Date:______________ RELIGION:1.       The four colours of the liturgical year are:
1. Purple is for _____________________.2. ___________ is for celebration.3. ___________ is for _____________________.4. ___________ is for Pentecost.2.       Why do we have a liturgical calendar or a liturgical year? Why don’t we just have Christmas all year or Easter all year? Why do we have so many feast days of lots of different saints? We have a liturgical year because…
_________________________________________3.       How many weeks of Advent are there? There are… ___________________________________________
4.       What does Advent mean? It means…
___________________________________________5.       TRICK QUESTION! During Advent we wait for Jesus to come. Did He already come or is He still coming and we are waiting for Him?! Explain this if you “get it”!
___________________________________________6.       Do you remember any Advent saints? Circle Yes or No.
7.       What are the names of the Advent saints you remember? The Advent saint I remember is… __________________________________________
8.       What do you remember about his/her life? (or more than one if you remember…!) I remember…
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________9.       Do you remember the name of a prophet we studied? Circle Yes or No. His name is: ________________.
10.    Who were the prophets? They were ______________ for God.
11.    Do we find the writings of the prophets in the Old Testament or in the New Testament? Circle Old or New.12.    Do you remember the prophecy of the Great Light? Circle Yes or No. The Great Light is: ________________.
13.    Do you remember the prophecy of the Names? Circle Yes or No. The Name given that you remember is: ________________. Do you know more than one Name? Write them here: ___________________________________________
14.    Do you remember the prophecy of the Virgin with Child? Circle Yes or No. The Virgin that was with Child is named: ________________.
15.    Do you remember the prophecy of the city of Bethlehem? Circle Yes or No. Was Bethlehem a big city or a little city? Circle Big or Little.  Why do you think God came to that city when He could come to any city? ___________________________________________
16.    Do you remember the prophecy of the Peaceable Kingdom? Circle Yes or No. When will all the animals and people be at peace with no more fighting? That time will be at the ______________________.
17.    If someone wanted advice on how to get ready for Christmas in a holy way, what would you say? What ideas would you recommend? I would recommend… ___________________________________________
SOCIALS:18.    Give an example of a need: ______________________
19.    Give an example of a want: ______________________
SCIENCE:20.    Is air a solid, liquid or gas? Circle solidliquid, or gas.
21.    Is water a solid, liquid or gas? Circle solidliquid, or gas.
22.    Is soil a solid, liquid or gas? Circle solidliquid, or gas.
What does a true friend want for us most of all? __________________________________________
Term 2 Curriculum Questions
PLO #2:
1.    What is a liturgical calendar? It is the Church Calendar and the Church’s way of tracking time and celebrating the major mysteries of our faith each year.
2.   Why do we have a liturgical calendar? Just as a typical calendar has four seasons, twelve months, fifty-two weeks, and 365 days that include both holidays and days that are just "average," the Liturgical Year Calendar of the Church has different days to celebrate different mysteries of our faith.
3.   What are the four colours of the liturgical year and what does each colour represent? The colour used at Mass reflects the spirit of the particular liturgical season. The colours of the vestments that the priest wears during the liturgy also help express the mystery we are celebrating.
Here’s a song we have learned to help us remember:
Purple and green, red and white are the colors of the year.
Purple and green, red and white remind us of the light.
Purple’s for preparation;
White is for celebration;
Green is for growing time,
Red is for Pentecost.
Purple and green, red and white are the colors of the year.
Purple and green, red and white remind us of the light.
White, the colour of joy and victory, is used for the seasons of Easter and Christmas. It is also used for the feasts of Our Lord, for feasts of Mary, the angels, and for saints who are not martyrs. Gold may also be used on solemn occasions.
Red (the colour of blood) is used on days when we celebrate the passion of Jesus on Passion Sunday and Good Friday. It is also used for the birthday feasts of the apostles and evangelists and for the celebrations of martyrs. Red (the colour of fire) recalls the Holy Spirit and is used on Pentecost and for the sacrament of Confirmation.
Green, seen everywhere in plants and trees, symbolizes life, hope, and growing, and is used during Ordinary Time.
The colours violet or purple in Advent help us to remember that we are preparing for the coming of Christ. Lent, the season of penance and renewal, also uses the colours violet or purple.
Rose may be used on the Third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday, and on the Fourth Sunday of Lent, Laetare Sunday. It expresses the joy of anticipation for Christmas and Easter, respectively.
PLO #3
1.    What writings from the Old Testament have we learned about especially this Advent? The prophesies
2.   What did the prophets foretell? The coming of Jesus
3.   What is the name of one of the prophets we have studied? Isaiah; Micah
4.   Do you remember any of the prophesies we read from the Old Testament? The Great Light, the Names, the Virgin with Child, the Star and the Scepter, the Peaceable Kingdom, the little city of Bethlehem.
PLO #4
1.    What is the Source and Summit of our Catholic Faith? The Eucharist
2.   Does any other religion have the Eucharist? No.
3.   What is the Eucharist? The Body and Blood of Jesus.
4.   What does the word Eucharist mean? Thanksgiving.
5.   Do you remember any of the other names for the Eucharist? Holy Communion, the Blessed Sacrament, the Host.
6.   What kind of food is the Eucharist? It is food for the journey to Heaven.
PLO #5
1.    What are the five parts of the Mass? The 1) the Introductory Rites, 2) the Liturgy of the Word, 3) The Liturgy of the Eucharist, 4) The Communion Rite, and 5) the Concluding Rites.
PLO #7
1.    What liturgical season helps us prepare for Jesus’ coming at Christmas? Advent
2.   What does Advent mean? Coming or arriving.
3.   How long does Advent last? For four weeks.
4.   How can we prepare well for Christmas during Advent? We can pray more. We can offer a special sacrifice to Jesus. We can have a Jesse tree or pray the O Antiphons. We can make a nativity manger scene and wait to place the baby Jesus. We can pray near an Advent Wreath.
5.   Do you remember any Advent saints that we have learned about in religion? St. John the Baptist, St. Lucy, St. Juan Diego, St. Francis Xavier
Language Arts:
PLO #4
1.    When you read this part in the book, what do you visualize?
PLO #5
1.    What is the main idea if this paragraph?
2.   What are some of the details that support the main idea?
PLO #6
1.    What is an inference? It is putting together the details and understanding what someone is saying when they don’t exactly tell you it in words.
2.   What can you infer/guess about how this character feels?
3.   What can you infer/guess about why this character is doing this?
PLO #7
1.    What is the plot of this story?
2.   What is happening in the plot in this part?
3.   What characters do you meet in this story?
4.   What characters do you see on this page?
5.   What is the setting of this book?
6.   What is the setting on this page?
PLO #7
1.    Is this number (1-100) odd or even?
2.   What number could you add to this number to make it odd?
3.   What number could you add to this number to make it even?
4.   What number could you subtract to this number to make it odd?
5.   What number could you subtract to this number to make it even?
PLO #8
1.    Point to the 8th object in this row?
2.   Which is the 1st book on this shelf?
3.   Which stuffy is 2nd to last?
4.   Is the tomato in third or fourth place from the bottom of the sandwich?
5.   Can you set Mommy’s place at table first, Daddy’s second, and your own third?
6.   Which type of food did I eat with my fourth bite?
PLO #1
1.    What is the difference between a need and a want? A need is something a human being needs to survive. A want is something a human being desires but it is not essential or necessary for life.
2.   What are the two official languages of Canada? French and English.
3.   What are some customs and traditions that play a part in your identity?
4.   What does the words “melting pot” mean? Many people from all over the world have been welcomed to Canada.
5.   What are some cultural characteristics or symbols of Canada? Canadian flag, maple leaf, beaver, parliament buildings, poppy, etc.
Health and Career:
PLO #1
1.    What does a true friend want for us? To get to Heaven. To be the best version of ourselves. What’s best for us not for himself/herself.
2.   How do we communicate with others? Verbally and non-verbally, with gestures, facial expressions, words, tones of voice, etc.
3.   Why is communicating important in relationships? When people listen to us we feel loved and respected, discussing how we feel about things helps us understand others better, we can ask for help when we need it.
Mary Statue Sign Up - Mary is so excited to come home with you! She has some rosaries for you to borrow so that you can pray by her side. She also has some booklets so that you will know what prayers to say and mysteries to think about! Please take some time to complete the sheet about your visit with Mary and don’t forget to bring Mary back to school with you so that the next family can enjoy her company too!
Please answer the following questions as a family. 
1. Name all of the family members that prayed the rosary with you.
2. What was it like praying the rosary as a family?
3. Have you ever prayed the rosary as a family before?
4. Would you like to keep on praying the rosary together as a family?
Friday, December 12 - Friday , December 19 - Reese
Friday , December 19 - Friday , January 9 (Christmas Break) - Heidi
Friday , January 9 - Friday , January 16 - Mateo
Friday, January  16 - Thursday January 22 (Friday is a Pro-D Day)  - Mara
Thursday January 22 (Friday is a Pro-D Day) - Friday , January 30 - Jack
Friday, January 30 - Friday, February 6  - Natalie
Friday, February 6 - Wednesday, February 11 (CEC weekend) - Daniel
Wednesday, February 11 (CEC weekend) - Thursday, February 19 (Student Led Conferences Friday) - Liam
Thursday, February 19 (Student Led Conferences Friday) - Friday, February 27  - Mireya
Friday, February 27 - Friday, March 6 - Rachel
Friday, March 6 - Friday, March 13 - Enzo
Friday, March 13 - Friday, March 27 (Spring Break) - Anthony
Friday, March 27 (Spring Break) - Thursday, April 2 (Friday is Good Friday) - ?
Thursday, April 2 (Friday is Good Friday) - Friday, April 10 - ?
Friday, April 10 - Friday, April 17 - Lauren
Friday, April 17 - Friday, April, 24 - Matteo
Friday, April 24 - Friday, May 1 - ?
Friday, May 1 - Friday, May 8 - Desmond
Friday, May 8 - Thursday, May 14 (Friday is a Pro-D Day) - ?
Thursday, May 14 (Friday is a Pro-D Day) - Friday, May 22 - ?
Friday, May 22 - Friday, May 29 - ?
Friday, May 29 - Thursday, June 5 (Friday is our parish feast day holiday) - ?
Thursday, June 5 (Friday is our parish feast day holiday) - Friday, June 12 - ?
Friday, June 12 - Friday, June 19 - ?