Wednesday, September 10

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Homework and Reminders

Student Homework:
1. Math Facts for 5 minutes
2. Read for 15 minutes

Parent Homework:
1. Sign planner
2. Help your child study Math Facts for 5 minutes (this can be orally, with flash cards, with computer generated print-offs, using math games online or on an iPad, etc.) 
3. Make time and space for your child to read (alone, with you, or to you) for 15 minutes
4. Please check to ensure that your child did not bring home another child's uniform. We are currently missing the following item - Tessa Bueno's red gym shorts.  Thank you for checking backpacks and clothing labels! 

Parent Reminders & Notes:
1. Picture Day is Friday, September 19, 2014
2. Please ensure that your child has a sweater at school for Mass and assemblies
3. Please send in a small hand sanitizer or $1.00 to cover the cost of this shared class expense for the year (to cut down on trips down the hall to wash hands) - thank you!!!
4. Please send in a labelled re-usable water bottle to stay hydrated (and cut down on visits to the water fountain)
5. Mr. K. and I have noticed that the children sometimes need a little more time to change from their uniform into their P.E. uniform and we came up with a great idea! Since most of the children line up and are ready to enter the building at the first bell (8:45am), I can come and bring those children in to get a "head start" on our morning routine (turning in planner, home folder, and changing for P.E.). When the second bell rings (8:50am), I will come back and bring in the children who are lined up by then. The children are certainly NOT late if they are not lined up at 8:45, but this may give a little extra time for those who desire it. I will do my best to stick to this routine as long as we need it... (I am imagining that soon the children will be so into the groove that the whole process will go faster).
6. THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to the BBQ! If you were unable to make it, no worries at all! I sent home the Back to School packet in your child's home folder today. Please return the last page if you are interested! 
7. A notice has been sent home about Hot Lunch with oldest and only (let me know if you did not receive it)