Wednesday, June 24

Homework for Tuesday, June 25th and notes for Week 40

Student Homework:

1. Read for 15 minutes: Fiction

2. Math for 5 minutes: Finish or Make Corrections on Double Digit Worksheet or 5 minutes other math P.S. - OPTIONAL: I purchased a trial subscription to Splash Math. Your child has been given a username and password to use at the website: Ask your child if he/she would like to complete their 5 minutes of math work on this website. I think the subscription lasts about a month! Hope it is helpful!!!

3. Study for 5 minutes: See duo tang for a printed copy of curriculum questions for Term 3

4. WORKSHEET! due tomorrow! 

Parent Notes for Week 40 (Monday, June 22nd – Friday, June 26th)

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

-Tuesday, June 23rd (and every Tuesday) from 2:15-2:45pm we will gather in the church to pray quietly for the children and meditate on the upcoming Sunday’s readings for Mass. 

-Thursday, June 25th (and every other Thursday) from 9:00-9:30am we will be discussing the book Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly. 

-Friday, June 26th - Last Day: Noon Dismissal! 

Misc. Notes:

Used School Supplies for South Sudan: Once again this year, Mr. Pistrin and the Grade Sevens will be spear-heading an effort to collect used student school supplies from CCS students that will be donated to the children of South Sudan. Mr. Pistrin has a friend, Osvaldo, who came to Canada as a refugee and is a parishioner at St. Joseph’s, Langley, who facilitates this. Two grade seven girls will be coming by our classroom this week to speak with the children about the effort. If you are willing and able to offer some of your children’s supplies from this year to the children of South Sudan, please have this conversation with them, and perhaps send me an email or planner note so that I too am aware of your intent.

Curriculum Notes:

1.   Spelling Words for this week: challenge test review

2.   Jump Math Plan: finish the book! :)

3. Homework WorksheetsThe other day I went around the room asking each child individually if he/she had completed his/her homework the night before: i.e. Read for 15 minutes, worked on Math for 5 minutes and studied for 5 minutes. Some children were quick to share that indeed they had, but unfortunately a number of them told me that they had not completed their homework. I am concerned that some of them have not developed the habit of working for 25 minutes conscientiously each night and that this will become an even greater problem as they progress through the grade levels with greater expectations thrust upon them. For this reason I have decided to send home some worksheets for your child to complete as homework. Each worksheet will be simple enough and can easily be completed within the 25 minute time-block that by now should be very routine. The worksheets will be due to school the next day. If you desire, please continue to complete the regular homework routines of reading, math, and study, and add this IN ADDITION to all of that (to make a greater challenge for your child as he/she prepares for Grade Three). If this is simply too much of a burden at a busy time of year for you or your child or family, then please forego one or all of the three usual staples of reading, math, and study, BUT DO HAVE YOUR CHILD COMPLETE THE WORKSHEET. If you are wondering where to cut corners, I would recommend you look at the worksheet and determine which of the assignments you will skip (if skip you must) based on whether the worksheet is a reading or math one as well as where you feel your child needs the most work.