Tuesday, March 31

Homework for Tuesday, March 31st and Parent Notes for Week 29 (Monday, March 30th – Friday, April 3rd)

Student Homework:

1. Read for 15 minutes: God's Gift Eucharist chapter 7 and work on accompanying Study Guide

2. Finish or Make Corrections on Double Digit Worksheet (or 5 minutes math)

3. Study for 5 minutes - See duo tang for a printed copy of curriculum questions for Term 3.


Parent Notes for Week 28 (Monday, March 30th – Friday, April 3rd, 2015)
Upcoming Dates to Remember:
-Tuesday, March 31st (and every Tuesday) from 2:15-2:45pm we will gather in the church to pray quietly for the children and meditate on the upcoming Sunday’s readings for Mass. Cancelled due to Spring Musical rehearsal.
-Wednesday, April 1st – Grade Two CCS Retreat Day at Rosemary Heights BRING BOOSTER SEATS!!!!!!!
-Thursday, April 2nd (and every other Thursday) from 9:00-9:30am we will be discussing the book Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly
-Monday, April 6th - Easter Monday - no school
-Thursday, April 9th (and every other Thursday) from 9-9:30am, we will gather in my classroom for a presentation on and opportunity to ask questions about what the children have been learning about in religion Cancelled due to potential Spring Musical rehearsal.  
-Tuesday, April 7th – bring costume for Spring Musical
-Wednesday, April 8th – bring or keep at school from yesterday costume for Spring Musical
-Thursday, April 9th - Spring Musical performances at 1:00pm and 7:00pm
-Saturday, April 11th – 10:30am First Holy Communion
-Monday, March 20th (and every other Monday) from 3:15-3:45pm, we will be discussing the book Interior Freedom by Father Jacque Phillipe
Misc. Notes:
Retreat on April 1st at Rosemary Heights: Please send your child with his/her BOOSTER SEAT!!! The children will be provided with pizza, juice, and fruit for lunch, but the “cost” is a donation to the Food Bank. Parents are welcome to join us for lunch if you can kindly donate $5.00 or the equivalent in Food Bank donations or if you want you can bring your own lunch. P.S. DOES ANYONE HAVE ROOM IN THEIR VEHICLE FOR STUDENTS FROM MR. WALTERS GR. 5/6 CLASS WHO WOULD LIKE TO ACCOMPANY OUR CLASS ON RETREAT AND SUPPORT US THROUGH THE SPIRITUAL AND CORPORAL WORKS OF MERCY??? THERE ARE TWO GIRLS THAT NEED A RIDE! : )
Spring Musical “Dig It”: Mrs. Mar is asking that the children bring their costumes on Tuesday, April 7th, Wednesday, April 8th, and Thursday, April 9th. She also requests that every costume item be individually labeled and each child have a labeled clear plastic bag in which his/her costume can be places so that it isn’t lost.
First Communion Idea/Suggestion: I know you are all extremely busy, so please feel free to totally ignore this, but I was just thinking how wonderful it would be if you would write your child a little letter about his/her First Communion, just explaining in it how happy you are for him/her and how much you know this means that they will have Jesus come to be in them in such a particularly special way and how you hope that they will continue to walk with the Good Shepherd for the rest of their lives. You could assure them that you will continue to pray for them always and that they will always find joy in their faith and peace in the promises of Our Lord. If it weren’t too late, I would have each of you write a letter to your child and I’d present them to the children at our retreat on Wednesday, but I think it is too last minute to dare ask. Since my inspiration came too late to coordinate this endeavor, consider doing it individually if you are interested! You could even ask each family member and maybe your child’s Godmother or Godfather to write a special note as well. Anyway, no pressure, just an idea! : )
First Communion Journal: I will be asking the children to spend 10-15 minutes of time in prayer for the nine days or evenings immediately prior to First Communion – a novena of prayer. Each child will receive a prayer journal booklet that contains the basic directions that I will copy and paste below. Feel free to start thinking about this, planning for it, and discussing it with your child, particularly the when and where piece. I always love it when the children are already familiar with something I intend to share with them thanks to your having read it on the blog… Thanks!!! This book will be sent home on the day of our retreat at Rosemary Heights. It will begin on Friday, April 3rd and will conclude with entries/prayer times on the morning of First Communion and at the end of the day on April 11th. Please do [help your child] take time for it. I think it will be meaningful for your child and your family!
1.      Make a prayer place for yourself at home. It could be in your room, in your attic or basement, or even in a walk-in closet. It should be a quiet place where you can go each day to spend time with Jesus. Cover a small table or TV tray with a pretty cloth. Put a crucifix or picture of Jesus on the table along with a Bible or prayer book and this Journal. When you have your prayer time you can kneel or sit in front of your prayer table.
2.      Decide on a time when you will go to your prayer place to be with Jesus each day for the next nine days. Maybe right after school would be the best time for you. Or you may choose to have your prayer time right after dinner or right before bed time. Ask your dad and mom to help you choose a time.
3.      Spend five or ten of fifteen minutes at your prayer place with Jesus each day. Begin your prayer time with the prayer in the Journal. Then talk to Jesus in your own words. I will go to my prayer place every day at __________________.
4.      Think of one thing you will give up for these nine days as a special gift to Jesus. It might be sweets or dessert or TV or video games. This will help to make a place in your heart for Jesus. Do one kind thing for someone in your family or in your class each day. My special gift to Jesus will be____________________.
Curriculum Notes:
1.   Spelling Words for this week: don’t, it’s, didn’t, that’s, we’ve, I’ve, she’s, can’t, I’m, let’s. Spelling Test will be on Thursday because of Good Friday! Challenge Bonus words: April, tomb, cross, crucifixion, Passover. Advanced Spelling List (by invitation or for those who demonstrate knowledge of how to spell each word in advance on the Pre-Test) – it’s, haven’t, aren’t, they’ve, you’ll, they’ll, we’ll, isn’t, who’ll, he’ll, what’ll.
2.   Phonics Pages Plan: 231-234
3.   Jump Math Plan: 83-88
4. Just so you know, I am putting the curriculum questions for Term 3 in your child’s Red Homework Folder. I think this is easier for you to use than the blog which when printed out looks rather distorted. Know that at this point, I have not yet taught those questions/answers to your child, so please do not be shocked if they are not prepared to answer you. These questions are intended to guide you in knowing what your child will be learning about at school this term. It is my hope that you can have meaningful conversations with your child about school endeavors and curriculum highlights. I will be teaching the content contained in those questions and answers, but if you want to “beat me to it” and start going over concepts and ideas contained therein, that would be AWESOME! The more your child hears about these things and the more voices he/she hears relating them, the better! I will use these questions as guides in preparing assessments as I go through the term. You will see which areas your child needs extra practice in when you see how he/she does on these assessments. You can also ask your child which questions he/she would like to be “quizzed on” and which ones he/she wants your help with better understanding. I think this is great practice for the type of studying your child will need to do in older grades. Why not teach this practice now while your child may still be pretty obedient (and not so rebellious) to a daily homework time routine!? Do know there is plenty of time for “fully meets,” as report cards won’t go out until the end of June, so please don’t stress about this, but thanks in advance for any help you can provide in this area! J
Mary Statue Sign Up - Mary is so excited to come home with you! She has some rosaries for you to borrow so that you can pray by her side. She also has some booklets so that you will know what prayers to say and mysteries to think about! Please take some time to complete the sheet about your visit with Mary and don’t forget to bring Mary back to school with you so that the next family can enjoy her company too!
Please answer the following questions as a family. 
1. Name all of the family members that prayed the rosary with you.
2. What was it like praying the rosary as a family?
3. Have you ever prayed the rosary as a family before?
4. Would you like to keep on praying the rosary together as a family?
Friday, March 27 (Spring Break) - Thursday, April 2 (Friday is Good Friday) - Aine
Thursday, April 2 (Friday is Good Friday) - Friday, April 10 – Daniel (Visit 2!) J
Friday, April 10 - Friday, April 17 - Lauren
Friday, April 17 - Friday, April, 24 - Matteo
Friday, April 24 - Friday, May 1 - Robyn
Friday, May 1 - Friday, May 8 – Desmond
Friday, May 8 - Thursday, May 14 (Friday is a Pro-D Day) – Aveline
Thursday, May 14 (Friday is a Pro-D Day) - Friday, May 22 – Evan

Parent Drivers Committed and Number of Spaces Available for Grade Two Children
Bianca Bell
Anton Lalana (2 of 3)

Tessa Bueno
Joanne Bueno (1 of 2)

Alessandro Cenedese
Bernadeta Kopec (2 of 3)

Brody Cummings
Bernadeta Kopec (3 of 3)

Jamey Dinh
Wendy McKay (2 of 6)

Leighla Erickson
Karla or Chris Erickson (1 of 1?)
Miss Easterbrook?
Aveline Perera
Keely Wray (2 of 4)

Robyn Florendo
Alicia Hadson (2 of 2)

Anna Gerard
Gabriela Gerard (1 of 4)

Rachel Graham
Gabriela Gerard (2 of 4)

Jack Hadson
Alicia Hadson (1 of 2)

Olivia Harkison
Anton Lalana (1 of 3)

Heidi Ho
Joanne Bueno (2 of 2)

Matteusz Kopec
Bernadeta Kopec (1 of 3)

Mireya Lalana
Mari Lalana (Mireya’s Grandmother) (1 of 5)
Anthony Lasell
Wendy McKay (3 of 6)

Daniel Lazar
Wendy McKay (4 of 6)

Mara Martinez
Gabriela Gerard (3 of 4)

Evan McKay
Wendy McKay (1 of 6)

Liam Nichol
Mari Lalana (Mireya’s Grandmother) (3 of 5)

Ezinne Nwanu
Gabriela Gerard (4 of 4)

Lauren Padilla
Keely Wray (3 of 4)

Reese Palomado
Sarah’s Grandparents (2 of 2)

Desmond Rafter
Mari Lalana (Mireya’s Grandmother) (4 of 5)

Aine Ryan
Anton Lalana (3 of 3)

Naysa Samera
Keely Wray (3 of 4)

Mateo Sangalang
Mari Lalana (Mireya’s Grandmother) (5 of 5)

Sarah Verhoven
Sarah’s Grandparents (1 of 2)

Natalie Wongsoputro
Mari Lalana (Mireya’s Grandmother) (2 of 5)

Mary Wray
Keely Wray (1 of 4)