Friday, April 17

Homework for Friday, April 17th and Parent Notes for Week 30 (Monday, April 13th – Friday, April 17th)

Student Homework:

1. Read for 15 minutes: Non-Fiction

2. Math for 5 minutes: Finish or Make Corrections on Double Digit Worksheet or 5 minutes other math

3. Study for 5 minutes - See duo tang for a printed copy of curriculum questions for Term 3.

4. Optional - purchase beautiful 8x10 group-shot photo from First Communion day for $12.00 to support the Guardian Angel fund - return ASAP (the envelope is in the Red Homework Folder)

5. WE ARE SO CLOSE TO A FIELD TRIP - we have 29 children accounted for so far if Mrs. Bell can come :)

Parent Notes for Week 30 (Monday, April 13th – Friday, April 17th, 2015)
Upcoming Dates to Remember:
-Tuesday, April 7th (and every Tuesday) from 2:15-2:45pm we will gather in the church to pray quietly for the children and meditate on the upcoming Sunday’s readings for Mass.
-Thursday, April 16th (and every other Thursday) from 9:00-9:30am we will be discussing the book Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly
-Monday, April 20th (and every other Monday) from 3:15-3:45pm, we will be discussing the book Interior Freedom by Father Jacque Phillipe
-Thursday, April 23rd (and every other Thursday) from 9-9:30am, we will gather in my classroom for a presentation on and opportunity to ask questions about what the children have been learning about in religion.
Misc. Notes:
Immaculate Conception, Delta Spring Musical “Music Man”: I am sure you are exhausted with all of the preparations and celebrations for First Holy Communion (and our spring musical)! Can you believe they were both in the same week?! Dare I even ask this?! There is a production of the musical The Music Man  on Thursday, April 23rd at Immaculate Conception parish school in Delta. The performance starts at 1pm and I’ve heard from inside sources that it is a very impressive production! This year’s class has impressed me over and over with their excellent skills in the area of singing, dancing, and acting. They are quite a talented bunch and I don’t say that lightly! I think they would really enjoy seeing this show and I think it would further inspire them in the area of performing arts. Sometimes, I think, observing can be a powerful tool for learning. The cost for anyone (children or adults) is $3.00 per person. If we do this field trip we would probably need to plan to leave CCS around noon and (as the show runs very close to 3pm), we probably wouldn’t be back until 3:30pm – late for normal dismissal. Anyway, I think this would be a neat experience for the children, but it isn’t worth the expense of a school bus. Please let me know if you are interested and available on Thursday, April 23rd and would be willing to drive as many children as possible! If we can’t get enough drivers, it is no problem, I am sure there will be other opportunities for the children to witness live theatre in the future.
First Communion Idea/Suggestion: I just wanted to encourage you to take an opportunity to attend daily Mass with your child, if an opportunity presents itself (like say on a Saturday morning). What a beautiful opportunity for you to highlight your child’s gift of receiving Holy Communion at Mass now! By the way, thank you SO much for all your hard work preparing your child for both the sacraments this year. I have really been touched and inspired by the way so many of you have responded to the grace to truly make this a special year for your son/daughter and help him/her fully enter into these grace-filled occasions with joy and amazement! Congratulations to each of you!!! I am SO happy to have been a part of this!!! Thank you for letting me have a part in the faith lives of your family. It has been a tremendous honour and privilege that you (and I!!) will only really understand in Heaven.
Curriculum Notes:
1.   Spelling Words for this week: walking, playing, fishing, going, asked, played, looked, morning, jumping, doing. Challenge Bonus words: first, second, third, confirmation, Holy Spirit. Advanced Spelling List (by invitation or for those who demonstrate knowledge of how to spell each word in advance on the Pre-Test) – farmer, reader, player, visitor, sailor, finalist, painter, waiter, hunter, inventor, violinist, tourist.
2.   Phonics Pages Plan: finish the book!
3.   Jump Math Plan: 93-102
4. Just so you know, I am putting the curriculum questions for Term 3 in your child’s Red Homework Folder. I think this is easier for you to use than the blog which when printed out looks rather distorted. Know that at this point, I have not yet taught those questions/answers to your child, so please do not be shocked if they are not prepared to answer you. These questions are intended to guide you in knowing what your child will be learning about at school this term. It is my hope that you can have meaningful conversations with your child about school endeavors and curriculum highlights. I will be teaching the content contained in those questions and answers, but if you want to “beat me to it” and start going over concepts and ideas contained therein, that would be AWESOME! The more your child hears about these things and the more voices he/she hears relating them, the better! I will use these questions as guides in preparing assessments as I go through the term. You will see which areas your child needs extra practice in when you see how he/she does on these assessments. You can also ask your child which questions he/she would like to be “quizzed on” and which ones he/she wants your help with better understanding. I think this is great practice for the type of studying your child will need to do in older grades. Why not teach this practice now while your child may still be pretty obedient (and not so rebellious) to a daily homework time routine!? Do know there is plenty of time for “fully meets,” as report cards won’t go out until the end of June, so please don’t stress about this, but thanks in advance for any help you can provide in this area! J
Mary Statue Sign Up - Mary is so excited to come home with you! She has some rosaries for you to borrow so that you can pray by her side. She also has some booklets so that you will know what prayers to say and mysteries to think about! Please take some time to complete the sheet about your visit with Mary and don’t forget to bring Mary back to school with you so that the next family can enjoy her company too!
Please answer the following questions as a family. 
1. Name all of the family members that prayed the rosary with you.
2. What was it like praying the rosary as a family?
3. Have you ever prayed the rosary as a family before?
4. Would you like to keep on praying the rosary together as a family?
Friday, April 17 - Friday, April, 24 - Matteo
Friday, April 24 - Friday, May 1 - Robyn
Friday, May 1 - Friday, May 8 – Desmond
Friday, May 8 - Thursday, May 14 (Friday is a Pro-D Day) – Aveline
Thursday, May 14 (Friday is a Pro-D Day) - Friday, May 22 – Evan
Friday, May 22 – Friday, May 29 – Daniel (Visit 3!) J
CCS Mini-Track Meet @ Cloverdale Catholic School

This 3rd Annual CCS Track and Field Meet will be held on…

§  Wednesday, May 20th – CCS mini-Track Meet @ CCS (12-4:30, grades 2, 3, and 4)

This fun meet is a track team event for grades 3 and 4.  All grade 2s are welcome to participate.  Mr. K has been training the grade 2s in PE classes.  Ribbons will be awarded and all participants will receive ribbons for most events that they register in.  Four other schools will join us and there will be a concession running from 11am until 3pm. Permission forms will be sent out at the beginning of May.  Email Mr. K if you have any further questions or concerns.